Accessories? Yes, please!

I love all sorts of home accessories: candles, picture frames, bowls, vases, pillows…a veritable plethora of tchotchkes, if you will. My ex, not so much. He prefers a clutter-free home. I don’t actually disagree with his preference. In fact, I agree for the most part. However, it’s the little things, for me, that make a home a home.

I adore having pictures of family and friends, trips taken, my pups, etc. all over the home. They just makes me smile. I love candles and the glow and scent they bring to a room. I love cozy, comfy pillows and cashmere throws. I love displaying finds from thrift stores, buys from garage sales and online bargains. I just really appreciate how each piece brings back a memory of when and where and how. It’s almost like a life-size photo album that I can flip through just by looking around.

One common theme I keep noticing (and finding myself drawn to) on Pinterest is the “wall of pictures” idea. It speaks to my love of accessories and pictures and is a great way to creatively use wall space. I’m constantly inspired by the amazingly creative compilations I’ve found out there. Here are a few of my favorites:



The thing is, I love all of these for different reasons, but I love them ALL. The first image is the image that has inspired so many of my decisions thus far. In fact, I’ve already bought a black ‘S’ (for my last name) and a gorgeous mustard yellow Piper Heidsieck vintage poster (repro) that will go in the living room. I love the second image, but perhaps that idea is best saved for the office. The third image of the shopping bags is just so fabulous, but I’m not so sure it’s really ‘me’. I don’t know…maybe I can do something like that in my closet like the Moth Design blog post that it came from.

The last two are presenting the greatest mental tug of war for me. I absolutely adore the white frames and the yellow accents in the image from the tatertots & jello blog. That post is a great read and it’s a totally inspiring blog. I love how “real” that whole wall feels and I love the emotion it evokes. It really speaks to my cozy/vintage side. However, the last pic (I can’t seem to pinpoint its exact origin), with its monochromatic theme and squared edges really appeals to my cool/modern side.

So I fear this will be a particularly difficult decision to make come redecorating time. I’d love to hear your thoughts? Any favorites? Other wall ideas?

Until next time,

xo ~ t